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  • Julie Yuh

    Hm it seems to be aggravated when creating sessions using templates. The first session after a clean uninstall works fine, then I recreate our templates/workspaces (from scratch so I'm not bringing any problems over from copying template files/etc.) 

    I feel that this has something to do with the extremely problematic uninstall/update process, or rather, a lack thereof, for mac users. Anyone have any ideas or could point me to a better clean install/uninstall than what I had to find on these forums? Thanks

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  • LVS

    It could be an issue with the template. Maybe try saving the template from C21 with a different name and then try to create a new session with the new template. If the problem still occurs then maybe try to find all the CaptureOne files in the Library folder, delete the lot of them and then delete the application and try another install.

    I had some weird issues trying to save a workspace on C21 , it would not work at all until I closed the Session, after that it worked, and now works even when a session is open...

    There do seem to be a lot of issues with this release, seems more buggy than usual. I've never had issues with any other software on my Mac.

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