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Lens Correction



  • Ian Wilson

    I think the only way of judging which is a more accurate correction would be to take some test shots and compare them. So shots of something where distortion would be obvious, like a brick wall, taken carefully with the camera level and absolutely straight on to the wall.


  • Brian Yorks

    I was thinking I’ll likely have to do that. It seems odd to me that for me, the manufacturer profile selected doesn’t seem to change the distortion from the specific lens. Everything I have read said that the manufacture profile should match OOC.

  • Propheticus

    I've noticed the same on my Fuji XS-10 + 16-80mm F/4 

    Same for colour profile. The film simulation is properly detected and while far better than other viewers* the result on screen (or exported to JPG) is still noticeably different from the OOC. 


    *:which are set to not use the raw embedded jpeg preview.


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