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Where's the batch queue gone?



  • Andrea Martin

    Bring it baaaack!!!  I miss the one click convenience of the Process icon.  Plus, I could put it on the right side of the screen.  Right side, one click = efficient.   Upper Left corner, lower right corner, 2 clicks = PITA.

  • John Manger

    Totally agreed.  The 'Process' tool, which enabled one to export to one location and process differently to another has gone!  Please re-instate.  Export is now much clumsier.  And slower.

  • Tim Hufnagl

    this is so bad. what the hell is PO marketing thinking? i'm sorry - is it worth pissing off pro users for having a few silky pix users come over? come on, be reasonable!!!

  • John Manger


  • Simon Giddings

    When I migrated from LR a few years back, the batch queue itself was amazing compared to how LR did it, and having the Export panel just sit alongside where I do my work rather than popping up to block it (as LR did) was for me one of the stand-out features!

    This is definitely a backwards step. Is anyone from C1 actually listening???

  • Nicolas Det

    Hey guys!

    Let them know:


    I think this is a new C1's marketing departement getting the "average" opinion.Like Apple and Adobe they are moving off from the professionals.

    I really hope they react and keep the pro feeling in Capture One "Pro".

    Actually, they could release a "amateur" / simple C1 as CaptureOne Essential for 90€ and keep the pro stuff in the "Pro" one

    I have no problem paying 200€ for every major version of the pro version if it fits my pro workflow. However, I will not pay a peny to get my workflow worsten. What's why I got the perpetual lience.



  • hiro kanai

    You can drop it from the Previous tab.
    This is the latest version of the last time.
    I got xx.xx.xx.48 from here and solved it.
    Don't forget to rewrite the catalog.

  • Jerry C

    So, it's not just me. I am using version 14.2. I selected a bunch of images to export/process. According to the c1 21 manual, "The Batch tool displays the queue that will automatically start when the Process button is pressed." The manual does not specifically address how one is supposed to put images in the batch queue window.

     The batch queue does display when the Process button is pressed, but until then, nothing is shown the Batch Queue window. This makes the batch window useless. Am I doing something wrong or is the batch queue window no longer functional?

  • Jeffery Haremski

    I can't believe someone gave the go ahead to remove this feature (and hasn't since been demoted or fired outright). Being able to pause and resume a batched queue of exports is a basic requirement for image processing software!

  • Waqar Ahmad

    Is there a way to restart the batch queue ? I am so pissed off right now with this new feature. I am trying to export couple of images and it is neither showing me any progress nor showing me what is wrong. I am not able to view the status of queue, whether it is stopped and needs to be started.

    What was team was thinking making such a stupid change which does not make sense.

  • Jeremy Bierer

    Batch queue was also an easy way to make sure the export was done.
    Simple and efficient tool, tragedy that it has gone.

    Please revive it!

  • Pablito Azevedo

    My computer crashed during export of 2152  jpegs. How the F...K do I do now to know where it stopped  without any batch queue history ?!! That is the stupidest thing I'v seen on 11 years working with C1. I have to restart everything again.

    Thank you guys, my clients appreciate  to wait for me at the end of the shoot an extra half hour.

    I'm so furious with you guys. 

    Put it back, or I won't get a license next year.


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