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Output panel removed 14.3.0



  • Nicolas Det

    Fully agreed!

    There is alraedy quite a big "wave" of unhappy users growing. I usually "safely" upgrade to any new version of C1 (even the paid one) because I trust them for my pro workflow..  it's the first time ever I have to downgrade to save my work.

    Actually, adding a "simple" export window for people not using C1 that much is totalyl fine. And it's already possible using plug ins like JpegMini Pro.

    There is also more issue like the new export exports options does NOT fit on a standart MBP 13inch laptop. Making it harder to use

    However, the old export tab fit nicely in full screen mode. Moreover, you can NOT change or modify the tab in the new export window.

    -> Really who decided that ?


    Well, this is the first update which slow me down and makes stuff harder. Now, I am waiting for their reaction.


    For a future-prrof C1, I think they should split the software in "simple" - Essential, and "advanced" - Pro.

  • TitleUnknown

    Definitely a step backward for productivity for professional workflows.

    This change seems to be guide to those with much more causal workflows that only export a few files here and there. Not professionals on set outputting thousands of files across multiple folders in various file types/size to different locations while on set.

    I've created a feature request for it's return

  • Nicolas Det


    We will see if it's a mistake or a decided mioves in the next days/weeks.

    First, do not panic.

    PS: I rely a lot of C1 as my pro tools to earn my bread.

  • George Brooks

    Literally all we want is for this to be OPTIONAL.  Its a great tool for beginner users who use the Export function instead of Batch (my girlfriend does this and it drives me crazy, but you do you baby!).  But it is unacceptable to force working pros who have been using the software for 10+ years to adapt to this lazy and inefficient workflow.

  • Jewpacabra

    This is the singularly the most tone deaf update in memory. 

    Whoever is on product lead needs an education in why the app is the way it is!

    PLEASE revert the design!

  • Justin Green

    I totally agree with how this hurts those of us that are professional Digi techs. We don't export 6 images at a time we export 600 to thousands of images at a time. Also one of the most beneficial features was the ability the pause. Throughout a day I would start and export and let it run during breaks in shooting. Then when we start again I can pause the export until later. Without this simple feature I would have to wait until the end of the day to export anything at all and that will add hours to my already very long day. 

  • Maxime Stange

    Yes, bring it back please. With all the previous features.

  • Jonathan Knights

    I agree that the removal of the Output Tab is a retrograde step.  The tabs act as a workflow for experienced users so you move left to right until you get to the output tab.

    I think the answer out of this is to allow the user to create personal custom tabs.

    Then a user can create a new personal custom tab and name it Export and put the Export recipes there.

    Ultimately people will get used to the new GUI layout as when you click on the Export button you get the same thing!


  • George Brooks

    Jonathan - users could ALREADY create additional custom tool tabs with whatever tools they want, This has been a feature for as long as I’ve been using capture one (since version 6). They have entirely eliminated the output tools entirely from Add Tool/Create Floating Tool.

  • Jonathan Knights

    Hi George,  I realised that, as I am also a long term COP user, since v6.x like you.

    But the removal really breaks my 'visual workflow' (at a tab level) which was my point, previously I would start my Session in a Folder of my image directory and move along the tabs adjusting as I wanted for each image or group of images until I got to my Output recipes. 

    OK they are now up on the top of frame so no big deal just a need to raise the eyes!  It would be nice to allow the import and/or export tools to be moved to tabs as well but that isnt possible.

    Sorry, maybe I didnt explain myself clearly.




  • FirstName LastName

    Losing the Batch tab is a disaster for our studio. We need control over the thousands of images sent to process including pause, deletion and reordering. Disaster C1. We only have 7 licenses though so perhaps we don't count?

  • Eric Fischer

    What a nightmare.  Thank god for Time machine backups to get my previous version of CO back.

  • Michael Huffstatler

    I too am ready to roll back. With the negative performance impact, and this unnecessary export panel I am, for probably the first time, question my decision to be a C1 user. 

  • Eduardo Gomez Blanco

    More step backwards to please lightroom and amateurs users. At least give the users the chance to enable / disable it.

    Looking more like CaptureRoom than Capture One PRO.


  • BeO
    Top Commenter


  • Aleksandr (Sasha)

    I hope someone reads this. Bring it back and let's forget this ever happened!  

  • Michael Huffstatler

    This update has been a mess. This tool, which obviously impacts people in a much bigger way than me, is important. Even as one who does not process the volume of batches I read about here it's bad. The new "improved (sic)" feature is terrible! I don't need another bloated window with previews popping up and disrupting my process. I love the simplicity and power of the export tool as it WAS. 

    Additional, this was what most would refer to as a minor release update. Not a major update as stay, V22 will be. Why, in a dot release would you change so much? Simple things like where items are to access/click/adjust. Even items that would be consider small. Muscle-memory is a real thing so I've found myself stumbling more than I expected. 

    I don't like my questioning my investment of money and time to migrate towards this tools from others. 

  • Tony May

    I absolutely agree. I made the big mistake of upgrading to what I thought would be a minor release with a few extra features just before a studio shoot. It has a big impact on my workflow and I will be reverting to 14.2 and will be extremely wary of future upgrades.  I get the impression Capture One is chasing Lightroom users and is losing touch with professional studio workflow requirements.

  • Jeff Casey

    This is such an odd and unexplainable update.

    I suspect we will never go back on features. The C1 team doesn't have the courage to suggest they made a mistake.

  • jon form

    Where can we do a petition to bring this OUTPUT PANEL TOOL back?



  • Joao Van Schothorst

    At least make sure that when we hit enter export process does not start working especially when we are changing values as sizes of pictures.....


  • Jonathan Knights

    I agree that the removal of the Process Recipe tab is a disaster.

    Especially as there is no way for a user to restore this functionality.

    Please bring back the Process Recipe/Export tab.



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