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Bring back the Output Panel!




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    Denis Huk

    Moved from the archive on 22.05.23.

    The Export Tool Tab is back and can be manually added to your workspace:

  • Ben Catchpole

    Wholeheartedly support this industry-wide issue.

  • Daniel Carson

    The solution is to have two Export systems:
    1/ Original Tab with all pro and high level functionality (tokens, advanced processing)

    2/ Export Proof Window pop up. Simplify the options and workflow for those who don’t need the advanced features.

    Unfortunately now we’ve lost one of the best features of C1.

  • Nicolas Det

    Agreed. Just add a "quiick" export windwos like the one in the 14.3 and keep the powerful export tab of the 14.2 (with overwrite und co).

  • Edward Pages

    As a professional Digital Tech, the output panel is an invaluable tool. Bring it back. Why would you take away something that is used by working professionals everyday? We cannot do our jobs efficiently without this tool.

  • Gideon Marshall

    This really is one of the worst changes made to Capture One ever. For working professionals it totally breaks established workflows, all for a gimmicky thing that no one wants, or asked for.
    If you really have to introduce this awful change then at least make it optional so those of us who use your software professionally can still do our jobs.

  • Ben Colson

    What I don’t understand- why remove the old process panel and batch queue? I’m having trouble seeing *any* added benefit.

  • George Brooks

    The output tab and batch queue are essential elements of my daily on-set workflow, and a MAJOR selling point of capture one.  When I was initially learning Capture One, these features were the first thing that made me realize how superior Capture One was to lightroom for professional workflows. When training students and new users, the batch queue is one of the first features I show them to demonstrate how efficient and powerful Capture One's workflow is.

    I use the output tab, and ESPECIALLY the batch queue, more than nearly any other tool in the software.  Having all these tools in one place that I can quickly navigate to between other tasks and monitor at a glance, exclusively with keyboard shortcuts, is essential to speed and efficiency.  

    Have the new developers of Capture One ever worked on a professional set before?  Do they understand the time constraints and, shall we say, "personalities" of the world's top professional photographers? 

    Digi tech: "Oh I'm sorry Mario, I know Lady Gaga is ready for the next shot but I need to let these files finish processing before you can start shooting or I will lose my place in the batch and have to start all over. Just give me a few minutes.  Or I could do an hour of overtime instead.  Your choice."  

    I understand that new users can find the output tab confusing (believe me, I've trained many), and I'm glad that the export process has been refined for those who prefer that workflow, but to make this change compulsory and not leave the user the option to choose which workflow is best for them is ludicrous.   

    But the real question is whether professionals should continue to use and support Capture One long term if consumer/hobbyist users' concerns take precedent.  After all, being geared towards professionals is what sets capture one apart from the competition in the first place.  I know this is all about the bottom line and attracting more consumer users away from lightroom and others, but I would gladly pay much, much more for this software if it continued to be focused on top professionals' needs first and foremost instead of all this unnecessary bloatware aimed at instagram photographers.

  • Nicolas Det

    @George Brooks  One solution could also be to split C1 in a simple version "essentials" and a professionals version "Pro".

  • Gideon Marshall

    @nicholas Det Exactly!! I mean why the heck call it Capture One Pro in the first place if your going to introduce stupid pro-Sumer features that no actual pro wants, needs or asked for???

  • ---

    @George Brooks

    very much agree what you say but reality is that c1 is collecting massively user data so they know exactly what features are used and by how many,  they can do a simple calculation. they also know that only a tiny fraction of user will really dump c1 because it is more cumbersome to establish a new workflow than to adjust to the shortcomings. also among professional user only a tiny fraction or those working as digital techs are negatively effected by this change, so lets face it we play no important role in the decisions.

  • Thomas Schneider

    @George Brooks

    I fully agree!

  • Tim Hufnagl

    fully supporting this request.

  • Marcin Klaban

    100% agree.

  • paolo de giuli

    Hopefully they'll bring back the export and batch tabs. I taught many young techs and photographers about. Very precious tool on set and the option to move files in the batch queue and to pause develops is just obligatory. Let us do our job please

  • FirstName LastName

    Fully agree. The software is moving more towards hobbyists and less to the professional user. We do not need a whole export window to preview the exported image. That’s what the soft proof button is for! Please bring back the output panel.

  • Erich Saide

    Please Bring back the Output Panel


  • Mark Tully

    Hey C1! It looks like I will not be paying for updates or new licenses any time soon!

  • Simon Giddings

    Good point, my perpetual licence will let me keep running 14.2 for as long as I like, so no need to spend any more money!

  • George Brooks

    Ya, I have 2 perpetual licenses for 21 but recently transitioned over to an 8 seat multi user subscription, and if this feature isn’t restored I will most certainly be cancelling my subscription and just using my perpetual licenses in perpetuity (as the name suggests)

  • Nicolas Det

    Hi guys!

    Keep calm for the weel-ends. Continue to let them know but let's see how they react for now.

    Have a nice week-end

  • TitleUnknown

    Gotta keep hammering them on every platform so they understand this colossal screw up

    LinkedIn offers some reach to people at the company not just the Zendesk staff and interns in running the forums and support ticket system. Doubt they check inboxes on LinkedIn but corporate emails are easy to decipher from names followed by


  • Gideon Marshall

    So I’m in a Facebook group over here in the UK and have had some actual dialog with someone from C1 about this. The Facebook group is called Photographers United if you want to search it out and join to try to have dialogue with the same person (just search for me in the group and you should find the posts). This is how our last conversation went though:-

    “I’d happily have a conversation as would many other digital techs and photographers I know. Not just from the uk, but from around the world. However there isn’t really anyway of actually talking to anybody at C1 / phase one easily about these sorts of things without having to start and comment on threads on social media it seems. Maybe some sort of way to actually open meaningful dialogue could be arranged?
    To put things into context I’ve spoken to about 15-20 digi techs i know in the uk and US about this today and all of them are gob smacked about this update and the lack of understanding about how people actually use C1 commercially from C1.”

    His answer :-

    “Gideon Marshall You’re actually having one right now Gideon.

    Secondly all social media posts / comments are monitored / tagged.

    Thirdly you can submit a request via

    Fourthly you can write us on Instagram and Facebook. Product orientated discussions also get tagged and forwarded to Product Management.

    A discourse through either of those methods is going to be more successful than making memes.

    As for a lack of understanding, then product management doesn’t take any change lightly. Referring to some other memes it’s not “the marketing guy”. They indeed engage in focus groups / interviews which did include digi techs as well on this round.

    That being said, as an agile company continuous listening is important.

    The comments you made yesterday, and from xxxx xxxx have already gone into the feedback mechanism.”

    So it seems if we kick up enough of a fuss they may take notice…

  • ---

    @Gideon Marshall

    this company does not even fix bugs so do you really aspect that this arrogant ignorants listen to the complains of a few pros ?   just go and see how they cherry pick positive comments on instagram but staying dumb on the many negative posts, this is what they are....  in a few days they will have all their paid influencer up to tell their target audience how great this export tool now is...   

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    With the old process recipe tool tab I had already a viewer/proofing and a browser and it was much more flexible to different processing/exporting needs. Havin a stupid modal window with an extra viewer and browser might serve one or the other workflow similarly well, but is not as flexible or convenient as the old processing tool tab. I did not see much reason to upgrade from 13 until 14.2, but now it is getting worse, I see reasons NOT to ugrade.

    C1, stop eroding the good features which let's C1 stand out positively, stop ruining your unique selling points by mimicking LR and alike. I want the old tool tab back! No modal window, no extra viewer or browser.


  • TitleUnknown

    CEO Rafael Orta is somewhat active on Twitter. He's got so few followers that he would have to notice a flood a upset users.

  • cdc

    It seems if sessions kept the output and batch tabs as before and catalogs used the new output dialog that would cater to both the Lightroom crowd as well as the professionals, no?

  • Nicolas Det

    @cdc: not really. Same issue I think. However, a simple/quick export window and the powerful export tab would be perfect for both. (I think)

  • Decker

    This was a much needed update. Sure bring the batch stuff back as a seperate tool but this makes C1 much more usable to a wider audience making the software more appealing overall. Nicely done. 

  • FirstName LastName

    Losing the Batch tab is a disaster for our studio. We need control over the thousands of images sent to process including pause, deletion and reordering. Disaster C1. We only have 7 licenses though so perhaps we don't count?


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