frustration with masking



  • Propheticus

    Speaking from release 21 (v14.4) experience: You're probably looking at the mask drawing brush's settings. To change a mask after the fact you can check the layer menu > 'refine mask' or  'feather mask'.

    To see the mask you're drawing as a red overlay, press M to toggle. To look at the mask alone in black/white, white being the selection, use alt+M. The latter is handy to spot holes in your selection and the amount of feathering.


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  • Pavel Hubík
    So decided to play with opacity, flow, etc. settings on the mask itself. But it appears that you have to decide all those settings before drawing the mask, then draw the mask, and if it isn't right you have to delete the mask and try again.

    Have you tried to use Eraser? If you apply Draw and Eraser brushes alternately you can tweak your mask very precisely.



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  • Timothy Devick

    Problem is that it took some doing to get my mask drawn the way I wanted it. I don't really want to start all over with a new mask.

    Someone here said that once you have painted onto a mask, you can't change the settings used on the brush when it was painted.

    Maybe I could use two layers- one for the majority of the sky and another for the edge of the sky. I could just keep erasing and repainting the smaller mask until I get it right. Kind of a pain, though.

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