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  • Christopher Dubea

    Cataloging in C1, particularly that early on, is exceedingly problematic when the catalog contains more than a trifle number of images.

    I've got 70k images in my catalog and it had become problematic and virtually unusable in v12.  I've recently upgraded to v21, and it's better, but it's no LightRoom.

    I had abandoned Catalogs and adopted a Session based workflow as follows:

    First off, if you haven't exported your images from the catalog , do that including the development settings.  Hopefully you have used token based renaming, as that makes exporting fairly easy.  I exported mine folder by folder and used tokens to create the same name in a different location on my hard drive. Then I copied all the exported files (including the subfolders) back to the original folders not letting it overwrite the existing images. Hope that makes sense. What you are doing is exported a text sidecar file with the development settings.  Unfortunately this isn't an xmp file. That would have made this a little easier.

    Once done, close the Catalog, and create a base "Session".  Set all the various preferences (export naming, etc, etc, etc). Exit C1.  Create a zip file of the Session C1 just created, we'll get to why later.

    Reopen C1 into your session.  Don't import anything, but using the folder tree, browse to the images you wish to edit/review, rename, etc.  C1 will create previews and such in this folder under a subfolder CaptureOne. The first time in the folder, this might take a little minute or so.

    Once done, do all your edits and such.  C1 will save your edits as text files with extension .cof and .cop in the CaptureOne folder. These are not traditional sidecar xmp's but are structured XML and can be read with a text editor.

    Close C1 when you are done your work.

    You might find after some time of working with the session, it starts to get a bit "lethargic". C1 stores all the folders and a plethora of info from the files in them in the session database, and once it gets to a certain size, it will get very slow.

    If that happens delete the most current session and replace with the archived one you made earlier. I find I have to do this 2-3 times a year with an annual photo productivity of about 10,000 images a year.

    Good luck

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