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Capture One Express


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  • SFA


    Firstly it may be worth pointing out that you have posted this in the Enterprise version section of the forum and as the forum is mostly a User to User facility this section does not seem to see much traffic so responses may be few. 

    Did you get an activation code at some point? 

    If you have a Trial activation code you should be able to activate the download (after installation) in any mode you wish to trial. 

    I assume that you are aware that the Express versions are limited to their individual camera models. That constraint is also controlled by the activation key (License key) when using a non-trial key. However, if you have downloaded as a trial you should be able to choose which configuration to try.

    If your installation is already activated in a "full" mode you can de-activate it and then re-start Capture One and choose a different mode, when prompted, to activate once again.

    If the trial has expired you can obtain an activation code for your chosen Express version.


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