Erasing Magic Brush with auto mask



  • SFA


    I think the intended approach for the magic brush type mask  - given that some of the masking could be quite intricate - would be to use the Refine (or Feather) adjustments related to the layer.

    That said a quick test using Erase and Auto Mask set on with a mask area created using the Magic brush does seem to work in that adjustments appear once the Erase brush is released.  However Refine (or Feather) looks like it will provide a better result.

    I should add that these observations are made using Windows 10 rather then a Mac. There may be discrepancies.

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  • David Edge

    It seems there are differences!

    The use case is this:

    Sculpture on plain background. Magic Brush does a breathtakingly good job of masking but will pick up areas of similar tone in the sculpture.

    The lighting means that there is a quite distinct line between the two.

    So Automask Erase would do a wonderful and quick job if it works whereas messing about with refine achieves nothing and feather is a bodge because there is a perfectly clear line that magic brush can't see but automask would if it worked.

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