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OFFLINE ACTIVATION no longer supported (version 22)



  • SFA

    In practical terms I'm not really sure what this change really means.

    The report you mention was, if I recall correctly, a subscription license that required connection every 30 days to confirm continuity. I'm not sure why unless it was a monthly paid subscription and needed payment verification. There may also be issues about checking activations on multi-user accounts and similar.

    But a pure activation, as described for the off-line process, still requires connection to the internet even if via another device. So worst case if a phone is available would be the need to connect the computer to the internet via the phone. 

    The very worst case would be to lose the system and need to re-install in a remote location with no internet connectivity or during some sort of connectivity outage in a place that should have connectivity. 

    I suppose it would be possible that one might have a spare system (or a few hours of battery power) and a copy of the C1 installation file or an installed but not activated C1, but that seems a little unlikely for individuals  - perhaps more likely for studios with multiple computers and a constant stream of upgrades and users. 

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what is suggested in the documentation when 15.1 arrives.

  • BeO

    I'm not sure about the use case of offline activation either.

    Personally I am more concerned about the verification of the license which I believe (but don't know) for perpetual license installs on a periodic basis and C1 being attacked (see recent log4j attack which impacts our company since two weeks, an external service provider who was attacked cannot serve us in an important part of the business.

    Or, investor shuts down C1 or C1 goes bankrupt. I want to be able to launch on existing machines and install on new machines (provided I don't exceed the max. seats) even years after C1 ceased business, as I am entitled to do so, imo, with a life-time perpetual license (assuming life-time does not mean life of the C1 company).


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