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Advanced EXIF data



  • Rick Allen

    Hey Sebastien,

    I've just seen this post can you let me know what camera a lens are you referring to? If you can see this metadata in exiftool then you could write something to add the data into standard exif fields.


  • Sebastien Dube

    It was solved!

    The camera is a Nikon Z7 II. Yeah, it actually works, but only with Exiftool, trust me I tried many ways. Then I hired a coder to do an AppleScript that saves the camera distance into any field you want in your final exported file. The AppleScript has to be a 'batch' process to extract the data automatically, into your final file. It does a link between C1 and Exiftool. Check on Upwork to hire a good AppleScript coder, it's a very cheap code to build.


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