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Fuji X10 Capture One 22



  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    The X10 has been supported by Capture One forever, so you're going to have to explain in a lot more detail what your problem is:

    Fujifilm X10 6.4.5 Express Fujifilm/Fujifilm/Pro RAF No/No Xtrans to DNG not supported

    This special sensor is still read out in a smaller resolution as expected, resulting in smaller images from RAW as the in camera (or silkypix) developed ones.

    How much smaller? If it's a trivial amount, you can probably blame it on Capture One's automatic lens adjustments, and/or Capture One cropping out pixels around the edge of the frame that contain data Capture One can't use. 

  • TK

    Hey Keith, 

    ok - no, we are talking about 2880 x something instead of 4000 x 3000 pixels in size. 

    JPGs from Camera are correct, raw RAF Files are displayed with correct colors and meta, but lack the right resolution. 




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