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Repetitive crashes of C22 when opening the Export menu



  • Philippe Novelli

    Yes indeed. You think this could be origin of the problem ?

  • Philippe Novelli

    I generated a new personalized workspace and it works now.

    Thanks !

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    From a general point of view, I do not see the benefit of this new approach with the Export menu compared to the previous tab dedicated to the conversion of the image in an other format.

    If you like the old way more than the export dialog, you can bring it back. Just add the tool tab with the name "Export":

  • Philippe Ricordel

    Yes this the solution.

    Even I am not against the new mode, I am very sorry not being able to put tools on the right, like I can do it for C1 general screen. Therfore I will not use the new presentation and use the export dialog 'old fashion".

    BTW, the screen the export dialog does open is too large and each time I have to resize it in order to be able to cath the export button, this is not nice. Extra, the window size is not memorized, therefore I have to resize each time, this is just boring and give me another reason for not using the new implementation of the export tools.

    BTW2: Same reflexion for the Import tools, tools are located in the left which is not nice, the windows is too large and dimensions are not kept from one session to another (boring again), can you fix this for both as I can imagine both are using the same routine internally .


  • SFA

    Are you using a personalized Workspace created with an earlier version of C1?


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