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Weird Graphic card / Capture One issue



  • Eric

    Which is very surprising, as my computer is neither old...

    Well yes, your computer is very old. 7 years old is ancient and it's understandable that the newest versions of CaptureOne won't support such old hardware anymore. According to Apple, your computer is vintage already and soon obsolete, meaning you cannot even get it repaired anymore:

    If you want CaptureOne hardware support, you have to buy a newer computer. There is no way around it.

  • Ralph Louzon

    Eric, I don't share your conception of obsolescence... 

    First of all my iMac is not obsolete yet, according to Apple criteria, as you mention it. I just installed Monterey and it works just fine.

    And I have to add that none of my other softwares, even the most demanding, video, photo and sound design, has any issue in terms of graphic card and hardware acceleration.
    It is just Capture One...

    I can admit that a cheap computer has to be changed every 4-5 years, not a 3500 euros one.

  • Eric

    Ralph, this isn't my perception of obsolescence, it is whatever Apple and PhaseOne define it as. The terms of service & support are readily available before you purchase any of their products.

    As I mentioned, your model is currently considered vintage but will soon be obsolete. It doesn't mean that the machine suddenly stops working. That Monterey still works is out of the ordinary as software support is usually way less than 7 years. In any case, being obsolete however refers solely to hardware. Once obsolete, no parts will be made for your machine. If it breaks, Apple will no longer be able to fix it. You will have to find a third-party vendor with a spare part or find a spare-parts model on eBay. But maybe you get lucky and your machine continues to run for 20 more years. There's no pre-defined obsolescence of operation, just parts.  

    As for your other software; for one, there's a world of difference between pixel-based and RAW/parameter-based workflows. Furthermore, sound and video apps rely mostly on CPU & RAM, not GPU. If by photo, you mean Photoshop, again, mostly pixel-based. CaptureOne gives you the option of using either CPU or GPU acceleration, so you can choose which one works better for you. Apparently, your GPU is too old for the current software. If you ran a CaptureOne version from 5 years ago, it would certainly run better on your hardware than the newest version does now. And to top it all off, these 5K iMacs have had notoriously underpowered GPUs to drive a 5K display. There have been numerous related complaints with other graphics intensive apps, not just CaptureOne. You can try lowering your resolution (set it to half) but the downscaling might negate the performance gains. Although, it could potentially prevent crashes.

    Finally, even if you were to buy a fully maxed out $53,000 MacPro, the parts will still be obsolete after 7 years. The price is irrelevant. And I can promise you that there will be software in 7 years that will cause a MacPro to run slow because software of the future is written & optimized for hardware of the future, not for hardware of the past.


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