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Wireless tethering feature request - Jpeg transfer only



  • Nick Collura-Gehrt

    I do the exact same workflow with shuttersnitch. Have been for years. Yes, raws on the cards and just send jpegs for wireless review. This would be immense on c1 for iPad. Please implement!

  • Sonny Senser

    Why is this feature not implemented? It's now May 2023?  Please add this option to CaptureOne Ipad.  The raw files take to long and take up immense HD space on every Ipad.  You think it's a no-brainer, but CaptureOne engineers apparently are not photographers; they are just desktop software geeks.  Right now, CaptureOne for Ipad is utterly useless when it can not capture jpegs selectively.

  • Ronald Zijlstra

    Same here, I would love to have this feature with an Ipad & Nikon Z8 ! 

  • Tristan Rösler

    I'm really looking for that feature as well! 
    It works all perfectly fine with my Canon R3 but it's useless for me…

    Tethering with raw and jpg takes about 10 seconds, the jpgs come in quiet fast when I just shoot jpg. 
    The Ideal solution would be that we could shoot RAW and Jpg, writing raw to our CF express cards and transfer the jpgs to Capture wireless. 

    Hope you can make that happen somehow!


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