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No more vendor specific versions? (Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony)



  • Alain

    Totally agree with your point, I am in the same situation!

  • Raymonde Cyrenne

    Yes, I agree with you. I have the Nikon version that I like and I don't need the bell and whistle of the Pro version now.


  • Simone Colomba

    It is a simple way to raise prices, with the escuse to provide new useless functionalities we don't ask for.

    People ask for real bug fix and long support of the same version. 1 year is ridiculous. In all italian forums users are angry because Phase One ignore real needs.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Well, in the end the question is what we will get in return for that. If the answer is "support for cameras you do not own" then it is very weak.

    So the ball is in C1's park: What do you offer us? Cheaper upgrade prices? Something else?

    Lightroom recently has catched up a lot.

  • Harald Widmann

    I'm really disappointed. As an exclusive Nikon user, I chose Capture One for Nikon because I didn't want to pay the overhead of adding support for other brands of cameras.

    I see this as an indirect price increase and this makes me think about turning my back on Capture One.

    Pity ...

  • Joeri Peeters

    I paid for the upgrade and you get the upgrade for free.

    Only needed the Pro version twice when I needed to post process raw files other than Sony. In the end it will be more expensive for "brand" users so I understand people are disappointed. 

    I will not switch to LR (did use LR years ago) because of the skin color correction, easy color changes, luma masks (so easy) and to be able to work in sessions! Though the AI select function in LR and Camera Raw is impressive.

  • Petr König

    Unfortunate move from the side of Phase One. Seems they will lose quite a lot of enthusiast who do not invoice for their use of Capture One. But maybe in the end Phase One will end up with more cash from those who will stay even after they deduct losses from those who will leave.

    Anyway, it will force me to evaluate the alternatives again... Not a fan of subscriptions, so On1 Photo Raw is one of the alternatives offering plenty of functions but unfortunately also featuring a lot of bugs (at least when installed on my current laptop). Tough times comming... :-)

  • DigitalEd

    This sucks.

    I did not update to the 22 version of Nikon as it did not offer me anthing i would use nothing.

    Now i would need to pay $150 to get nothing i will use just to be able to then be able to get anything new coiming up like a new camera working later this year.

    So that would at that point be another paid update.

    Not happy with this at all. Only reasion i got C1 was for the better price for just Nikon now its not a better price.

    I will never use a os version.

    This tossing your customers out the window.



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Carsten wrote:

    Sorry, guys - I am disappointed. If at least the price for the full version would be lowered to the price of the vendor-specific version, then yes - that would be acceptable.

    If my memory serves me right the Pro version license fee (perpetual) was approx. what the brand versions are now, or maybe even a little bit lower.

    When the fee rise began, the brand versions were introduced (for roughly the price of the former Pro version), the Pro version and Pro version upgrades are around twice as they were before, now the brand versions will be abandoned and we are left with only the Pro version for twice the former price.
    I am a user since v8/around 2015.

    This having said, in that past the P1 camera business unit and the P1 software unit were one company, one can only guess which unit has funded the other, but now that C1 is separated and also owned by a private investor who's probably more profit-oriented, I guess we can only vote with our wallet - or play their game.

  • Boris Tomsic

    Well this is a bit of a shock!! After being happy with committing myself to Capture One indefinitely, all of a sudden it changes the game completely.
    Although they're offering a free upgrade to Pro in April, what about after that? How much will V.23 and thereafter be? If it's going to be as much or more than the current price of Pro, then as wonderful as Capture One is, I'm going to have to reconsider my options. I'm hoping they will make the price somewhere in between the current Fuji/Nikon/Sony price and the Pro version.
    This may become simply unaffordable for many users of the current Fuji/Nikon/Sony version.
    Just a thought, but what if they offered a lower priced version without Tethering? I have absolutely no use for this feature. Am I right to assume there would many others in the same situation? It is no doubt a significant technically complex coding overhead for the app. I have just submitted a Feature Request for such a version so please add your votes if you agree.
    Any other ideas?

    But having said all that, lets be pragmatic and rational about this. Is this a shameless money-grab to exploit photo enthusiasts to make excessive profits? I doubt it.
    More likely, they may, for example, possibly be trying to get on top of all the bugs and all the endless issues in the Forum, but this means they need to employ more computer coding and support staff. We don't want a call-centre based in India or Phillipines, do we? Or time-pressed or incompetent coders who try to fix one problem but muck up other things (e.g. Magic Brush => numerous issues with Layers Tool). So to cover the higher labour costs they need to find a way to increase revenue. Remember, this is a business, not a charity. At the end of the day they still need to make a viable profit or they will just go belly-up, or get bought out by someone else . . . like Adobe!. Who would be happy with that?
    There are cheaper "competitors", some with great features, but overall, are they as good?
    (I say competitors with "s because though they are highly lauded, in reality they are not in the same league)

    I hope I have placated some of the ire rather than opened a can of worms, as I must rush off to follow up on a long-awaited email response from a Support Request submitted some time ago, before the time-limit lapses.

  • Simone Colomba

    Phase One perceives a higher value of its software and services, compared to the real one.

    219,00 euro/year are too much for any advanced amateur photographer and professional photographer too, and the market offers many alternatives to lower prices.

    To buy their perpetual unsupported (but paid) version is not a long time solution.

    2 years and Phase One will close. It will be "exciting", as they say...

    Men, it is simple, stop to buy or rent Phase One products until they lower the prices to the right level.

  • Antolín Agar

    The e-mail that I have received states that my software will be updated for FREE in April to On 1 Pro and mentions that at the moment everything remains the same until the beginning of April, it also says that I can request the update in the store of the page web, but it does not clarify more.

    I interpret that today there is no way to update and we will have to wait until April.

    In my opinion, updating for free in April does not imply any loss, on the contrary, it benefits me. Later, when a new version appears, 23? I will decide if I want to continue with C1 or go back to LR+PS.

  • Propheticus

    It might be a good move to have to maintain and support less branches of the software and consolidate effort into making the 1 core product better. Less overhead could also mean lower cost. Now that can mean two things: more profit and/or lower consumer price (on the pro version). 

    The pessimist would say they won't increase the QA levels, leave the bugs and simply reduce costs to optimise profits. Ah well, like Antolín says, we get 1 free upgrade and if what happens after is not to our liking we can always vote with our feet/wallets and pick another package when the time comes to upgrade.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    The e-mail that I have received states that my software will be updated for FREE in April to On 1 Pro

    Well - there is a reason I bought a vendor specific version besides the lower price tag - I do not own cameras from other vendors. So yes - it is nice to get that C1 22 upgrade for free, but still this upgrade offers no benefit at all.

    As you wrote: The problem will be once we think about upgrading to C1 23. Let's see what C1 will offer us then

    Also some of you might still remember the steep price increase just a couple of months ago last summer.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    It might be a good move to have to maintain and support less branches of the software 

    This might be true for the free express versions, where there are several limitations in the functionality. For the paid vendor specific versions it's just a feature flag to disable editing of other RAW files.

  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    I'm really disappointed. As an exclusive Nikon user, I chose Capture One for Nikon because I didn't want to pay the overhead of adding support for other brands of cameras.

    Which is precisely the opposite of how it actually works.

    There is only ONE Capture One binary, and Capture One (the company) has to go to the trouble and expense (whatever that might be - but it WILL have a cost) of adding code to SWITCH OFF support for non Nikon cameras in order for you to get your cheap fix.

    So it costs the company money to sell you something that makes them less money!

    A stupid business model, and good riddance to it.

    Meanwhile Canon users (for example) have always paid the full amount, because there has never been a Canon-only version.

    So now you're in the same boat as us Canon guys - and why, exactly, should you NOT be?

  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    For the paid vendor specific versions it's just a feature flag to disable editing of other RAW files.

    And still a good move, regardless.

  • Antolín Agar

    As the days go by and after reading many comments on the subject, he came to the following conclusions:

    1º The erratic commercial policy of C1 has confused many users and it seems that also many YouTubers "partners" of C1.

    2º Some users have not carefully read the conditions of their license agreement and now they are surprised by their situation.

    3º The recent e-mail from C1 is not explanatory enough, it could be said that it lacks "teaching"

           3-1 The update in April to the multi-camera version of C1 does not         harm anyone and may benefit some, for example those who have           CR2 files from previous cameras and ARW from their current Sony         camera.

           3-2 The disappearance of the single-chamber version in C1 simply          implies an increase in the price of the update for users of these              versions.

    4º When the new version arrives, C1 23? there will be, among the current users of the uni-camera version, two different situations:

          A- Owners in perpetuity of C1 version 22

          B- Owners of an annual or monthly license.

    For group A the option is clear, to analyze the functionalities of C1 23 and decide if they are sufficient for a new investment or on the contrary to spend their money on an LR+Ps license, in the latter case they will have the best of both worlds and when C1 24 arrives make the same decision making.

    For group B the situation is more problematic, because if they do not update to C1 23 their photos processed in C1 22 will be orphaned and they will not be able to access their processed files, it is what is called a captive market situation and the members of this group they will be less free to switch software.


    The annual or monthly "rental" of the software is a commercial spider's web that must be avoided at all costs because, sooner or later, you will regret choosing it.

    Users have to learn to evaluate new versions and invest only when improvements make it advisable.

    If all users followed these guidelines, we would be the true protagonists of the market and the Commercial Directors of the different companies would not be.

    C1 puts a forum like this on its website so that users think together, so let's take advantage of it and make reasoned decisions.

  • Carsten Schlipf


    So now you're in the same boat as us Canon guys - and why, exactly, should you NOT be?

    Simply because some vendors did a collaboration with C1, while Canon did not?

    So in summary, you like the move because as a Canon user you had been jealous before and are happy that everyone else has to pay more (the same as you had to pay before) for nothing, while the benefit for you is also still zero. Congratulations!

  • Raymonde Cyrenne

    @Boris Tomsic "Just a thought, but what if they offered a lower priced version without Tethering? I have absolutely no use for this feature. Am I right to assume there would many others in the same situation?"

    I agree of this statement. As of user of C1 {21} version Nikon; I will paid less money for the Pro without Tethering, ect.  At this time, I'm sure to play Capture One game.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    The good news is that users of the branded version of Capture One are not being left out in the cold. Perpetual license users on the latest version of Capture One for Sony / Nikon / Fujifilm (version 22) will receive a free upgrade to Capture One Pro on April 5, 2022. Additional information will be sent to affected customers closer to that date. If you're a subscriber, you will continue to pay the same price you do now for as long as you remain a subscriber. In April, subscribers will be able to update to the latest version of Capture One Pro. You may continue to use the branded versions if you want, although it's not recommended.

    So, as long as a subscriber does not want to switch to another brand there should not be a disadvantage for her or him, if I am reading this right.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    ah, ok, the problem is only postponed:

    The branded versions of Capture One will continue to be updated until the next major release of Capture One comes out, which is standard practice. Additional bug fixes will be made available for an additional year after that.

  • Dave Farmer

    So the choices are: 

    1) Stick with the perpetual licence I have (v12 for Sony)

              a) Everything I have now still works

              b) If I ever get a new camera, I have to pay full price to upgrade (a huge extra cost on top of the price of a camera for a retired person) or restrict myself to used A7iii or earlier models.

    2) Upgrade to 22 pro for €169
               a) Get a few new tools but otherwise carry on as before

               b) My Panasonic GX80 can join the C1 fold, which is nice

               c) If I ever get a new camera, I can get anything yup to A7iv or A7riv, anything newer would need a very expensive upgrade

    3) Abandon C1 and learn yet another program, such as Luminar or Affinity 

    I like C1, and have spent a lot of time learning how to use it. I really don't want to start again, but I'm not made of money. I'm worried about what I'll do if and when my A7iii reaches the end of its life.

    I guess it would be great to be able to process the GX80 files in C1 too...

    I suspect I'll end up taking the upgrade and hopefully pick up a used A7riv in the future should my current camera expire.

    Option 3 makes no sense as that's the worst case scenario for when options 1 and 2 fail. I'll never pay a subscription (not least because photography doesn't make me money, I have no money, and my photography waxes and wanes as I focus on different things).

    I hate the massive price rise, but they've achieved what they wanted in my case, got me sufficiently involved that they can gouge me for more cash, and I hate myself for letting them get away with it!


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