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Nikon Z9 High efficiency * Raw



  • Jack McEwan

    I'm sure you have heard this request before, but I would strongly encourage you to support the High-Efficiency* and High-Efficiency RAW format for the Nikon Z9.  This camera is selling as fast as Nikon can produce them (approximately 3500 per month) to professional photographers throughout the world.  Nikon claims that the High-Efficiency* RAW format images are nearly indistinguishable from the lossless version while requiring significantly less disk space.  The first software company to offer this format will likely gain many Z9 users.  Conversely those late to the game will find that some of their customers have migrated elsewhere.  It is my understanding that these formats use TICO RAW compression.  Due to the obvious advantages of this format, I suspect that other camera manufacturers will be adopting it.  I would respectfully suggest that you place the implementation of the High-Efficiency* RAW format at the top of your too do list!

  • Drives

    Bumping this up to the top. 

    I'm also having major issues tethering with the Z9. The connection drops every few seconds.

  • Ken Rubin

    This is a critical feature and will adversely impact shooting and workflow with the Z9.  Ability to capture using the reduced file sizes means reduced storage requirements in the field, faster offloading from digital media, reduced digital archiving needs, and on and on.   While using full RAW is fine as a stopgap, please let us know the priority of this ask and a potential timeline.  Many thanks.

  • Stefan Warter

    No support for High Efficency Raws (Z9) by Capture One including the last Update. Why? Or when?

    In Lightroom it works from the beginning (No, I´m not a lightroom fan, thats the reason, why I buy your Software, although Lightroom is included in my Adobe Abo)



  • OddS.

    > Stefan Warter: ...thats the reason, why I buy your Software

    You apparently believe you are writing to Capture One here. Common mistake, you're not.


  • Wassim Jelassi

    On1 software supports the High Efficiency raw files now. Let's hope Capture one catches up

  • Roland Meier

    The HE raws are now supported as of 15.4.1:

    From the release notes: “Support for Nikon Z9 Lossy Compressed files”.

    This should read "Support for Nikon Z9 High Efficiency (Lossless and lossy compressed) files. But the important aspect is that it finally works for both HE and HE* variants as checked this morning.



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