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I just got an iPhone 13 Mini. Found out if doesn't support Camera raw. Does that mean I can't use the new features I paid for in 2022?



  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    You've provided no useful information about what happens when you try to process your phone's files in Capture One, but - as far as I can tell - they're just DNG files, which are supported:

    But assuming that Apple does something weird to the format - convert the files in the Adobe DNG converter first:

  • Kip Vaughan

    I didn't try to process the photos in Capture One. Phase One said I needed raw to do the panorama features and HDR Merge so there would be no point for me to import the jpgs it makes. Apparently you tap on a raw button in the iPhone Camera App but you can only do that if you have an iPhone Pro or Max. The button just isn't there on the Mini.

    Adobe just gives away a raw converter? Or is it just a part of the Cloud? I don't rent any Adobe stuff. Does it make raw that can be used in C1?

  • Robert Farhi

    Hi Kip,

    Converting JPEGs obtained from your iPhone into DNGs is not the best way to proceed. You won't improve anything and it will take more place on your storage device. In addition, I am not sure Capture One HDR Merge would work with those DNGs. But Adobe DNG Converter is free and you can give it a try.

  • Dave R

    Quick answer

    iPhone 13 mini. (I own one) produces HEIC files.  If you want to edit in Capture One simply open the phone's Photos app, select the photo you want to edit in Capture One and Airdrop it to the device with Capture One on.  The .HEIC pictures which Capture One can edit will be found in your downloads directory.



  • Kip Vaughan

    Okay then I won't bother with converting the images. I wish apple would explain why they didn't include raw support since it doesn't seem like it is a hardware limitation. Right now there is little reason for me to have purchased Capture One 2022. I wonder if the Adobe converter favors the Adobe variant of raw or if you have some control over going with raw that works well on non-Adobe software? I remember reading about that fiasco in a Camera Raw book a number of years ago.

  • Phrank

    … It’s just Apple’s style to sell things as Pro.

    I just made a test with my old iPhone 6 and the photo app Halide. You can save it as DNG and import it into Capture One and stitch a panorama. Little bit more complicated to export, as the native iOS doesn’t support RAW either.

  • Kip Vaughan

    I never understand the "Pro" moniker. Most of the professional work I am currently doing is on an iMac that isn't an iMac Pro. This machine allows me to edit raw, 4k video editing, graphic design all pro work.

    That is good to know about Halide. I just moved off an iPhone 7 that had ability and storage space to shoot 4K video, which seems like a pro feature to me. It has been argued that there are also pro features the iPhone pro doesn't have like USB-C so it is a very weird way for them to work. Not having a basic pro feature like raw on a $1000 non-entry level phone seems strange. The SE is supposed to be more the budget iPhone so the could sort of make an argument for not including it there.

  • Kip Vaughan

    @Phrank According to the the Halide release notes the only iPhone 13 models it works with are 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. That means that you can use the raw features on your iPhone 6 but I can't use with with iPhone 13 Mini and therefore all the latest Capture One features are worthless to me? Am I understanding that correctly? A phone from 2014, nearly a decade ago works but not one that I just picked up off the shelf? And it works with a DLSR that I bought 15 years ago?


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