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Capture One 22 Pro can't see my Sony Fx3



  • OddS.

    > nameless user: Is it because the Fx3 is a video camera too?

    It should work with .ARW files as the FX3 appears to be one of the Sony models supported by Capture One:


  • SFA


    If the Mac has connected to the camera as a Data device (based on seeing the memory card) I suspect that Full Capture One style tethering, where the C1 software operated the camera, may not be available.

    As I recall some Sony cameras may have multiple connection modes (although I think Fuji is the leader in that type of functionality and allowing cameras with memory cards to avoid OSs immediately connecting as data resources) so you might wish to double-check what the Sony offers in that respect.

  • OddS.

    > SFA: double-check what the Sony offers in that respect

    Good point!

    I always use a card reader because I like speed. That probably explains why I tend to forget that some users connect the computer to the camera to ingest image files. My older Nikons had a menu item to toggle the camera between presenting itself as a mass storage ("disk") device or as a media transfer protocol ("MTP") device on the USB port.



  • Keith R


    No help, but I heartily approve of the use of "scrummaged"!



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