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problems with main viewing on laptop screen



  • OddS.

    > Piotr Jaruga: ...Intel Hd Graphics 630 and NVidia GeForce GTX  1050

    While you wait for someone who knows this stuff to chime in: Each monitor's resolution set in Windows matches the monitor's best (native) physical capabilities? You may try to play with the NVidia Control panel's PhysX setting. The hardware acceleration setting in Capture One may perhaps also play tricks on you.


  • Piotr Jaruga

    hi OddS

    was trying to play with PhysX settings and now non of displays (laptop and external) are working properly :-)
    Luckily my other two laptops (much weaker) work just fine.
    Time to submit request

  • Piotr Jaruga

    I installed all Windows 10 updates, lastest graphics card drivers
    Nothing helps, there is still a slow reaction of the program to mouse movements and still a lack of sharpness on the main screen.
    It is interesting, that C1 is running properly on weaker laptop (i5, RAM 8Gb, Intel Hd Graphics without any NVidia or Radeon)

    Still waiting for help

  • Piotr Jaruga

    looks like C1 does not work with the latest graphics drivers (Intel and nVidia) or with Win 10 updates

  • Piotr Jaruga

    Hi all again
    A few days ago I wrote about a similar problem to everyone here.
    But my C1 22 finally got moving - and it wasn't the C1 22 fault, after all (maybe a little).
    I checked the installed programs on the second computer where C1 was running - and set the same configuration on the one where C1 was not running. I mean updates, additions, improvements, drivers for the operation of Windows - I removed them all.
    I just left the appropriate Microsoft Visual C ++ and Phase One drivers behind.
    After this cleaning, the C1 22 started moving rapidly.


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