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Generating reviews every time I start up Captureone



  • SFA

    Are you sure that the system is generating new Preview files? 

    Do the dates on the Preview files change when you open your session or catalogue in Capture One?

  • Deem Vermeulen

    Many thanks for your reply. In my opinion CaptureOne is indeed generating previews every time I start up CaptureOne. See also the figure below with the message under activities. This problem became apparent after I installed CaptureOne 22 (version 15.2.0). The generation of previews is only with the batch of pictures of my last trip. Totally 1000 photos.I  actually do not know where and how I can check the dates of the preview files. In the EXIF data (metadata - date) is mentioned the date the picture is taken. In the case of the picture below it is 9 April 2022. Thus this is in the past. The date under metadata does not change. The database is okay every time I am verifying the database. May be a solution is to de install the programme after which I install CaptureOne again.

    Please advice what to do.






  • SFA

    Sorry, I do not use catalogues so hopefully someone else can advise about where to look to see if the Preview files are indeed being regenerated frequently.

    I will need to go and work it out.

    Normally the Previews files are generated once and only re-generated IF the user requests it to be done or if the Default Preview size is changed for some reasons making it different to whatever the size was when the images were originally imported.

    If there is a significant difference between the default size and the native screen size the working "preview" size in memory would need to be reprocessed. 

    The way the system works is that the Preview file is a the initial "core" interpretation and that is adjusted according to edit parameters as you work with the file. On first load there is some considerable processing involved if you are working with files that have already been edited. 

    If the default preview size is not well matched to the working screen size some recalculation may be required, as previously mentioned.

    However, if you are seeing the message all of the time it would seem to be suggesting that the preview files previously created have not been successfully saved for some reason have not been saved in a way that C1's database can understand and discover the connection.

    It may be necessary to delve into the Log files to see what is going on.

    Your description seems to suggest that the import process was incomplete. However, that is speculation and analysis of whatever the log files may offer might be the only readily available way towards a better understanding.

  • Michał Kufel

    I am having the same problem. I used to have session and use it for many folders. in 12.X if preview was already generated it C1 only loaded files. And the same on the startup.

    Now when using trial of C1 22 every time i start C1 or open folder (that already contained generated previews) the application starts to generate them once again.... this is very anoying and time consuming.
    I tried manualy generate previews after normal preview generation was completed, and nothing changed.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    If you let Capture One 22 finish generating the previews in a folder, does it still want to generate them again if you open that folder on another occasion, or does it only regenerate them once? And have you changed the size of your previews?


  • Michał Kufel

    As i said, i waited untill they were all generated. On every folder opening or opening C1 (when it was closed after generating preview and on folder) it starts again generating previews. Size of preview set on default 2560px.

    Cache/Proxies folder contained exact number of COP files. After opening pics folder again COP files are getting deleted and preview generation starts again.

  • Michał Kufel

    A little update... i was trying many things. Cannot make it to not generate prevews, but this applies only to fotos from Canon R6. On photos from my previous body 7Dmk2 it is not generating it. No mater if i will use old previews generated by C1 12.x or i will generate new ones :)

    So CR3 files from by Canon R6 are the problem!!

    //Edit:  Found the issue. Somehow my date in R6 has been set to the future. Not sure how this happened but seems to be one of the cases of generation previews.



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