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C1 21 Capturing mouse clicks on thumbnail images, then triggering a menu command.




    Yeah the main viewer is not the same responder as the 2nd window based viewer. It's a bit of a cludge when shortcuts are needed. 

    Not sure about capturing clicks, but the alternative could be (I need to check the functions to be sure) to make a few zoom functions into single scripts designed to call the 2nd viewer, and then have these shortcut instead of the defaults. 

    Alternatively focus the viewer, and use ⌘+ arrow to move to variants in the browser. 

  • mattspace

    Thanks - I think I might have found a solution (fingers crossed), using Keyboard Maestro to create a C1-specific macro that fires off the shortcuts in sequence for switch-to-viewer, then zoom-to-fit, and binding that macro to the key I currently use for the zoom-to-fit command. C1 doesn't seem to get flustered by the switch-to-viewer command being activated when you're already in the viewer, as far as I can tell.

  • mattspace

    Just to update - Keyboard Maestro is the solution, and would seem to be a solution for any keyboard shortcut that has to be sent to a specific window when in dual-screen mode.


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