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Layer Structure for Selected Pictures + Disable a Layer



  • Wanokuni

    You can loop through selected images using this:

     repeat with theVariant in (variants whose selected is true)

    for disabling layers use this: 

    set enabled of LayerName to false

  • FirstName LastName

    Thanks! It finally works :D

  • FirstName LastName

    Mmh 2 new questions!

    First one: Is there a way to select as the active layer the first one created?

    By default the last layer created is the one selected. But in my workflow I start by editing the first layer, so everytime I select the next picture, I have to manually click the first layer created.


    Second question:
    I want to select multiple images and disable / able a layer for all of them, but it says I have to define the layer first.

    I used the same code as before (tell capture one / repeat with the variant) and then added this code:

    set enabled of LayerName to true

    How to I define a layer?

  • Wanokuni

    I am not sure if there is a select layer option with scripting, you can always use the scripting dictionary to see what is available and what is not: 


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