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Issue with hw accelerator Metal on intel-based Mac



  • Ramon Mata

    In my case the artifacts appear after using healing brush 

  • Kassur

    Well, consider to set the HW acceleration to never. 
    This has been discussed here many times before…


  • Claude CAUWE

    Thank you for posting this - I was about to start a new thread asking how the newly implemented Metal was performing.

    Release notes say that « on the long run » it will be faster, which rang a panic bell in my head.

    Your post seems to confirm it: another half-baked feature for the sake of announcements…

  • photo by FA

    Kassur, what are you talking about?

    C1 has proudly announced that they support Metal on Intel now and you tell the OP to turn that off?

    Not only that this has not been discussed on many times as those versions are previous version. This is new version.

  • Kassur

    It's not my fault, but output errors, monitor or processing, are mostly produced by hardware acceleration. And this has been discussed here often - regardless wich C1version was used.. 

    Simply try it, set HW acceleration to never and see if it helps. If not set it back to Auto and contact the C1 support. 

    That's all




  • Jeffrey Jakucyk

    Never had an issue with hardware acceleration turned on, whether on a 2008 Mac Pro with the original NVidia GeForce 8800GT, an upgraded ATI Radeon HD 5770, a GeForce GTX 680, or on my iMac Pro with the Vega 56.  I went straight from C1 version 11 to 15 (22) and it was a bit of a regression in speed and fluidity by roughly 10-20%.  With the recent 15.3 update, I wouldn't say Metal support is appreciably faster as far as processing, but it's definitely more fluid in editing, such as drawing the crop box or panning around.  I haven't seen any graphical artifacts either, so for me it's a win. 


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