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Is the update free



  • MartinR

    It was described as an Update (15.3), not an Upgrade (as in 14 to 15 or 15 to 16), so it should be free for current licensees of C1/22 (aka 15.x) perpetual.  Subscribers will get it for free during their subscription period.

  • Daniel Sample

    So, here's the problem.  The email I received said there is an update.  When I click on that, it takes me to the Capture One Pro upgrade.  There is no update link.  Is the upgrade the update?  There seems to be a charge for the upgrade.  If not, where is the update link?  I would think I could just download and install the software, but many post are asking how to go back to the old version because C1 wants to charge for the new version.  And, the biggest question.  Why is this so hard?  Intentional?  bait and switch?  Why not update from the app like every other legit software?  So many questions.  Is the company business model flawed?  Did they overspend and are looking for new ways to charge more for a handful of additional features every few months?  Is bi-yearly payments the new norm?  I think we are all using this because we all got tired of paying Adobe to rent their software.  But, now, is C1 moving to that same businesss model?

  • James Grove

    Daniel, C1 has 2 pricing models:

    One allows you to buy the current version and its point upgrades, for example C1 22 but not C1 23 that would be an upgrade. These are perpetual licenses, but the software is not updated once the next year version is created.

    The other is a subscription model, that can be paid monthly or annually. 

    Subscription is the only real model moving forward if end users continue to want free updates and improvements or new camera support. But C1 give you a choice, that is far more than Adobe.


  • monochromist

    Quote Daniel Sample: " I think we are all using this because we all got tired of paying Adobe to rent their software."

    No. In my opinion, most of us are using C1 because it is a superior product. I am on a C1 subscription, just like if I used Lightroom, because I prefer the continuous integration of updates without worrying about it.


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