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Fuji Gfx 100S ProStandard



  • SFA

    How do you know there would be any difference?

  • Daniel Pavlinovic

    Well, there's a difference for Canon 5D mk4 and I prefer the colors with ProStandard, so I can assume there would be difference for Fuji as well. What's better, generic or ProStandard is subjective of course, but it would be nice to have a choice.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    The colour management, as I understand things based on previously discussed information, has entirely different starting points for the two manufacturers you mention. In addition the Fuji technology has additional software content to cater for Film Simulations based on Fuji film parameters. 

    Canon. as far as I am aware, were never involved in film production.

    From memory I think IO read that the stimulus for the new "Pro-Standard" branding output for selected models from non-Fuji manufacturers was encouraged as the result of the work undertaken to support Fuji technology. The colour interpretation values could be "re-mapped" to provide alternative, very subtlely different in most cases and specific to certain colours, sensor data interpretations.

    So, basically, Fuji advanced sensors have always been "ProStandard" in terms of the software technology deployed. The "ProStandard" concept was necessary to provide enhancements to a selection of existing supported cameras  -  presumably for a number of different marketing reasons.

    As is so often the case with vendors, the specific reasons for many decisions are rarely made entirely public, leading to some possible confusion on all sides. 

    But you really need to ask the C1 team what "ProStandard" means, both in general terms and in specific terms for the supported bodies and how the same colour rendition variations might or might not be applicable to Fuji sensor data interpretation and the associated film Simulations.


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