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Capture one



  • Dennis Horton

    Steve, I spent ALL WEEKEND addressing update 15.3.0. I had to update my Windows Operating System on two different machines using different Windows versions and still had a multitude of issues. My Lightroom Catalog still loads as corrupted after six attempts. Don't ask for a refund or contact Tech Support, as they think they can fix this after you send them a screenshot or two!

    This software is junk. I was wavering between Lightroom and Capture One. The answer now is CRYSTAL CLEAR. I will not spend another cent on Capture One.

  • Steve Sharkey

    Hey it's software, what can seem insurmountable can be fixed with a few choice lines of code. I still love Capture One and whilst I've tried other software nothing helps me process photos as quickly or intuitively as Capture One so I have always returned. I'm sure a fixed update will be along soon - It would help if I knew the correct channel to report issues to - I report it through the capture one software but don't really know if this goes anywhere as I don't get feedback. I'd be more than willing to do some beta testing for future releases (not sure how you get onto that list but it would appear a few extras wouldn't go a miss if this release is anything to go by.

  • Martin Tolley

    I've reverted to a previous version. (Easier than I thought). This is not worth the hassle any more. Sticking with 15.2 probably forever. I'm not a pro photog and this is an expensive purchase for me. I think we are the beta testers, given the vast range of issues this "update" has caused, breaking things that are not associated with the things being updated, I wonder if there was much testing and who were involved (guess mostly Mac users). My suspicion is that all the energy and testing effort went into the ipad development. Given that C1 has shut down the camera specific options this year it wouldn't surpise me if the Windows version also gets the shove in a while. 


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