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Sony A7 IV RAW file Support (ARW)



  • Keith R

    I have to ask: are you new? I mean - new to the planet?

    This is how things work, and have always worked, with every RAW converter. 

    There's just no end to the ignorant, entitled yammering on here, is there?

    We are not dumb

    The available evidence suggests otherwise - you're not even talking to Capture One here, you're just whining at other users.

    Thank you for wasting my money. 

    You did that all by yourself.

  • FirstName LastName

    Wow Keith, you would be a great edition to the C1 support team, given how they treat customers. 

    Cudos for such an informative reply and links to the same discussions. Just confirms that I am not the only one frustrated. 

    Concerning other RAW convertors - at least LR has only one option: subscription. and its always updated. 

    And since it seems like both of us are from another planet - its not normal to end support to a Software you sell in less than a year. And Phaseone dev should know better than screwing their customers this way. I don't buy software to upgrade it each year. Especially when the limitation is absolutely artificial and done on purpose. 

    And why I wrote here - because support team should read this forum as well and I wanted to warn other users. Thank you for providing more links to same discussions and all with your very helpful contribution in replies. 

    Cheers and keep on the great work in this forum! 



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