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Is your transfer speed to iPad from camera good?



  • Kiril Karaatanasov

    I did some measurements and it was not as dramatic difference but still iPad import is quite a bit slower.

    Preview generation for 1369 image on a card over the USB-C connection of A7r3

    iPad - 1 minute 20 seconds

    PC - 52 seconds

    Import 127 images 5,08 GB (5 462 906 368 bytes)

    iPad - 4 minutes 12 seconds

    PC - 2 minutes 50 seconds for import and total of 3 minutes 14 seconds to generate all previews

    I am importing to an external HDD making in parallel backup to second HDD on the PC. The HDDs are nothing special 150MB/s write speed at most 4TB HDDs from WD and Seagate. Note that both the camera and disk are connected on the PC USB interface.

    I can try import without backup to fast SSD e.g. 3GB/s and see how that improves the import speed.

    My PC is kind of slow compared to today standards i7 9700K, 32GB RAM and Z390-P motherboard. I tested using the front panel USB 3.1 gen1 ports. The HDDs I suppose are connected to the rear USB 3.1 gen2 ports.

    So yesterday I observed some dismal performance in the car driving and importing simultaneously. Can the driving affect transfer speed on a tablet? Weird.It is nice to see things are not 10 fold slower than PC.

    Still even in the good home conditions no rattling from car I guess the iPad import performance given the M1 integrated infrastructure seems disappointing.


  • Kiril Karaatanasov

    I did a test with Surface Pro 8 tablet with i7 11th gen Intel CPU. Previews appear near instantaneously after turning on the camera like zero seconds until the first page of images shows up in Capture One 22.

    Full load of the 1369 previews took 45 seconds.

    Import of the same 127 images from above took 1 minutes 45 seconds

    That is more than 2 times faster than the iPad M1 version.


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