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How to de-squeeze 1.88 shot from anamorphic lens in C1



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    If it says the dimensions are 1500x768 that is probably because you have an Export Recipe selected that is designed to create an output file of 1500 pixels on the long side. The pixel dimensions shown by the crop tool always reflect what size the output will be. You could change to a different Export Recipe that has scaling set at 100% and then you should expect to see the crop tool saying the same thing as the metadata.

    Having said that, Capture One doesn't have any facility to stretch an image shot with an anamorphic lens.


  • Tamas Nemeth

    Ian's answer is incorrect. The Aspect slider in the Keystone tool is what you're looking for.
    Keep in mind that you are going to have to adjust the crop afterwards, as the adjustment doesn't apply to the current crop, so the edge will be chopped after the adjustment.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    Ah, I didn’t think of that one. Will it squeeze far enough?


  • cayenne

    Hmm....I found and tried the Aspect slider in the Keystone tool.

    It's the right idea....but doesn't allow me to de-squeeze enough. This is a 1.88 anamorphic lens.

    Darn, it seems C1 has the ability to do what I need to do, but won't let me do enough of it.

    I guess I'll put in a customer doesn't have to be an anamorphic only tool, but just to maybe let us enter in digits as to what aspect ratio we want to stretch to in lieu of a slider, or have the option to do either.

    So far I've been trying to just bring image in as-is and do my corrections. So far, with the Monochrome images from my M10M...not too bad for just simple tonal changes.

    I would then export out to Affinity Photo where I change it document size.


    I was really hoping to do all this in C1 and keep a pure RAW workflow.  

    This might get tougher, however, on real shots where it gets more complex with masking, etc.

    I'm also about to try this out on my GFX100, and see how the process flows with a color image.


    Anyway, if anyone comes up with a secret Mickey Mouse handshake to be able to de-squeeze in C1, please chime in.

    Thank you all so far!!


  • Bradum

    You could always do max desqueeze, edit the photo to get it close to how you want it, save as a .tiff, and then desqueeze that some more.

  • Terry Demco

    Please add anamorphic desqueesing to Capture One already. 

  • The Flying Jib, LLC

    Terry, EXACTLY !!!

    It is ridiculous that this simple feature is not a part of the software package yet !!!

    We should be able to manually set the image size W and H unconstrained. I mean the aspect slide already does this up to +/- 1.25x, so they have the capabilities to do so!  1.33x, 1.55x, 1.85x, and 2.35x being the most common ratios !!!


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