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Live View Tethering turns camera display off (didn't happen before update)



  • Appie Busser

    Hi! I have the exact same issue. I've tried reinstalling C1-22, downgrading to C1-20, resetting the camera (Canon R5), removing computer preferences. Nothing works.


  • Thatcher Hayward

    I am also having this problem. Once my camera is actively tethered the displays turn off and the camera can only be controlled by the computer/

    In order to change anything on the camera itself I have to disconnect the tether, then turn off the camera and restart it.

    Also, the USB-C cable gets hotter than I remember it getting in the past.

    Also, testing using another laptop running MacOs 12.3.1 and CO runs as expected.


    Given the long history of CO failure to run as expected when new versions are rolled out I'll just blame myself for this one and hope that this problem is rectified sooner rather than later.

  • love heart

    I have the exact same issue too. please fix it.

  • Thatcher Hayward

    Update- I’ve had to revert back to Capture One 21 (14.4.1) which works as expected with the exact same hardware etc

  • martisans

    Thank you all for reporting the same problem. Like Thatcher, I downgraded to the 14.4.1 and it works fine. Let's see how long it takes to C1 to fix it.


  • FirstName LastName

    Wish I had seen this earlier as I am having the same problem. Hopefully a fix comes soon.

  • Appie Busser

    Just updated to the latest version 22 (15.3.2) MAC and the issue is gone for me.


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