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Is there a way to increase the saturation only in the highlights?



  • Keith R

    In v. 20 you can add a layer and use the paintbrush to select the area you want to target.

  • OddS.

    > malcolm davis: ...only in the highlights

    As an alternative to Keith R's suggestion you can add a filled adjustment layer, use Luma Range... with Show Mask ticked, adjust the luma range to make the mask fit the target area, untick Display Mask and click Apply. Continue with relevant adjustment tools to operate on the masked area.

  • malcolm davis

    Thanks I will try a luma range mask.

  • Keith R

    The Luma mask works very well, but it will impact on everything in the image that's within the selected range, and you might not want that - which is why I prefer to paint a selection onto only the specific areas I want to adjust.

    Just something to think about...

  • Propheticus

    Why not both?  You can make a rough selection of the area to adjust and then add a luma range to the layer to limit to highlights.


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