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Script that will only process specific numbered files in a Capture folder. Can anyone help please?



  • OddS.

    > Mark King: ...use the filenames...

    Your description is unclear to me. Do you name all your files by numbers only  as in 0010.raw, 0011.raw, 0019.raw , or are you referring to a sequence number typically appended to a descriptive image file name, as in new_york-0010.raw, new_york-0011.raw, new_york-0019.raw,...? If the latter, would feeding the number 0011 to the script mean the script should process images new_york_0011.raw, vancouver_0011.raw, sidney_0011.raw, berlin_0011.raw,...?

    I cant help thinking that you would have to feed the script a list containing your numbers. If you can expand that list to be a list of image filenames, you may be able to use the menu option Select -> Select By... and then pick Filename List.



  • Mark King

    Hi there, thanks for the reply and help. This is greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for not explaining myself clearly. Normally my shoots will have the product SKU name and then the number at the end of the filename (from 01 to 36, or 01 to 72 in this case). Here is an example: 'ALIF100T-01.raw'. I guess this could sometimes be problematic if the same number I wanted to process appeared in the SKU.

    I wasn't aware of the C1 Menu option: Select/Select by/Filename list. 

    I have tried this and managed to get C1 to select specific file numbers by entering numbers like: -01, -10, -15 etc (with comma selected as the delimiter). This works for me as seems like a simple enough workflow.

    If you have anything simpler, then please share if you wish. Otherwise, I think this will work great.

    Thanks so much for your time. Cheers, Mark


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