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Problems with Capture One Live so far...



  • David Patton

    My only issue so far has been with the limit of free sessions, and lack of any middle ground options for use.

    Five free sessions is perfectly fair, I really can't complain about getting something for free. But as a photographer that doesn't really do tons of work where the live would change much, I don't want to pay $10 a month for something that I may use just a few times a year. If there was a middle option to the payment plan I would absolutely use it. As is though, I can't justify an extra $120 a year when I can just send out a contact sheet or do a screen share like I always have for the few gigs I do that client feedback is needed.

    I love the feature, and it's worked great so far in the trial, but I'd prefer a payment option that's not all or nothing. I don't have enough uses for it to justify the "all", but I'd still like to use it some.

  • Ken Huth

    We have a number of complaints about Live sessions. Here's our top killer: Photos stop sending

    On most larger shoots C1 just stops sending photos at some point (for context: we use Live so photo subject can choose their photo on iPad. They are often big days with, say 100+ participants... think a Duke University faculty headshot day). It is rare when it *doesn't* happen.

    We do a LOT of Live sessions, so we know what can happen... and it's not just that the Live session isn't turned on, the cable loose, or whatever.

    The only fix, which I hope might point someone to the cause, is that you *can* get it working temporarily by doing this:

    1. Take someone's photo in C1
    2. Quit C1 and restart it
    3. restart the Live session
    4. the % reloaded goes up and when it's at 100% the photos of THAT last session only will send to iPad.

    Then after 15-20 minutes without anyone coming for a photo, the session will often kick back on and work again. It feels like after maybe 800 images the server gets finicky  (we only are sending Jpegs, not RAW, so not too huge).

    We've tried having a second C1 Session cued up to use, and that's hit or miss. On our big gig today, that session just repeatedly crashed in C1 so we gave up and went back to the failing large original session.

    What we have yet to try:

    • could it be some sort of a cache issue? can with pitch cache contents from the C1 session folder or clear the cache somehow in the app?
    • could it be a file size issue that the servers reach a limit and sending slightly smaller jpegs would work
    • could it be a time issue that shooting for 3 hours, say, just gets a disconnect from C1's servers

    Another idea is that maybe when a session restarts it isn't properly aware of what's already on the server and is resending *everything*... clogging the whole thing up.


    *** UPDATE ****

    We just did a test here at the office (not on a live shoot, so who knows), but trashing the set of images in

    Capture One/Cache/Proxies

    didn't make C1 crash, and it DID seem to allow photos to start flowing again via Live to our iPads.

  • D Home

    3. Only one folder per Live.

    I can say most photographers put multiple folders WITHIN Sessions' Capture folder but Capture One Live allows only one specific folder at a time! It already defeats the purpose of using multiple folders and it is very inconvenient. Many photographers I worked with complained about this issue.

    This is absolutely terrible, you have to constantly send new links. For a program that is for pro's, you would expect more.


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