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Imports into a session with more than 10,000 images is painfully slow



  • OddS.

    > David Tan: anything else I can do?

    Yes, you can click "Submit a request" at the upper right on this page and ask Capture One for advice.

    I use sessions, but I never use the import function, I just copy image files to the session's image folder (Capture by default) while Capture One is NOT running. That may be a little bit faster than having the import function copy the files. It may also indicate to you how much time you need to spend on plain file transfer, regardless of software/method. 

    The downside is that when you start Capture One and points it to the session, Capture One needs to do the other work associated with session import, such as update the database and generate previews. You may have to rename files, add metadata and whatever else you normally expects the import function to do for you.


  • Fanjan Combrink

    It's so funny that this is still a problem with C1, even C1 23 Pro. I ran into this issue on the last project I am still busy with. C1 slows down to a crawl like I'm working on a Celeron CPU. The "Submit Request" function at C1 sadly does not solve issues readily, especially performance issues.


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