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Capture One Pro 22 & Nik Collection 5



  • Gerald Moulder

    With image selected in browser or open for edit, click Image->Edit With and select Silver Efex Pro. (Note: if in browser window you may right click on an image and select Edit With).   If Silver Efex is not shown, click Other at the bottom of the list and use finder to locate and select Silver Efex Pro.  C1 will create a tif file, send it to SEP and once completed in SEP click Apply at the bottom right.  The updated tif file should appear in the browser window.  


  • Oliver Parish

    Thank you, that’s really helpful. I was concerned that using C1 22 and Nik collection 5 wouldn’t be possible so this sets my mind at ease. Thanks again.

  • maurice imhof

    Man kann alle Programme mit denen man arbeiten will bei "Einstellungen"/"PlugIns" ankreuzen.


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