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Apple Script to Open C1P and create new session with todays date




    I probably would not use automator for this as you are not bridging apps or looking to extend functionality beyond what is covered in CO's scripting capability. A simple script application would suffice - you can save this as an app, and launch from finder/dock. /2c



  • Rick Allen

    I have an app on my site that does this and creates subfolders.


    Check it out here


  • FirstName LastName

    Arh Shoot Machine that sounds exactly what Im after. Thanks for the heads up about scripts vs automator.


    Thanks Rick, I'll check that out.

  • Sark

    I finally figured out how to get this to work - Major win for me! 

    Now for my next challenge set Tool Tabs and Default settings!

    Thanks again for the heads up!


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