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Grouping photographs into stacks



  • Boris Tomsic

    The way I've been managing that is with Keywords and Filters. For example:
    - images to stitch Keyword = "Stitch" -> with the resulting panoramic image = "Pano"
    - Hdr -> HDRmerged
    - Focus -> Stacked

    However, as the keywords are listed alphabetically in the Library they would be scattered thru the list, so I prefix these "special" keywords with a special character (# * + - ), that way they all sit together at the top of the Library list. Alternatively (or additionally) you could use hierarchical keywords (parent/child) feature.
    e.g. Focus (parent) > Stacked (child) (or the other way round?)
    (don't use < or > as a special character as it is used to signify parent/child relationship between keywords)

    Then Filter the Keywords to show the images you want

    Further to that, you can use Albums/Groups/Projects in a Collection, and Smart Albums utilising the Keywords

  • Daniel Dorau

    I'd love to see some way of grouping images for panoramas and/or images to be HDR merged. Otherwise it's sometimes a bit hard to repeatedly keep track of the set of images that will go into a panorama for example.


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