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  • Francesco Maria Moronato

    I have download the CO 23 but I cannot activate it even after having signing in

    What can I do?


  • gilbert Pellet

    Gilbert PELLET

    j'ai télécharger la version 23, la version 22 est toujours présente sur le disque dur peut-on la désinstaller car elle tient 1,17gb inutilement ?



    I can't go past the splash screen "An error has occurred, please try again later"

    I tried many time, but I still can't "get started". I also had some difficulty with C1 22 too, as it asked me for the authentication each time I opened C1. It could be some Firewall permission, but what do I need to do?

    For info, I use a PC Dell Win 11 and I have AVAST installed

  • OddS.

    > Jack Williams: ...we're here to listen..

    Thank you for this information, I really hope this is a sign of a significant directional change.

    Users continuously try to address Capture One staff in the forum, and I am but one who again and again tell them the sad fact that Capture One does not read let alone listen, the only way in is via the Submit a request link at the upper right.

    > Jack Williams: ...provide accurate and helpful information wherever possible...

    Authoritative information is always welcome, and I think "whenever possible" includes the vast majority of threads each and every day. This is, after all, a low traffic site, it should not be an impossible task to make it appear like a Capture One support forum.




  • Mancebo

    Hi  Everyone. 
    I'm wedding photographer who use Lightroom 5.7 (10 years) and DXO Photo Lab 2/3 (4 years). 
    Now I'm thinking to buy Caputre One 23. 
    I'm in test time and analysis this software. 

    First look:
    I'm impressed ... !

  • Jack W

    OddS. It's definitely something we could have been better at in the past, I hope at least my presence is proof enough that we are reading and listening.

    For what it's worth, everything product feedback related in here gets forwarded to the correct people and I'm frequently making others aware of the discussions that happen in here. I can assure you we do look, and we do care :) 

  • Jack W

    I’ve only been in my role for a few months and I’d like to think I’ve given a fair few answers on here, mostly to topics without any response.

    It is above all, a user to user forum. We want people to be able to share knowledge and speak their minds without feeling Capture One is heavily moderating the discussion. (I haven’t deleted a single comment from the latest discussion around licensing)

    And I don’t work in marketing. Just here to help people out.

  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    Respect has to be earned Jack.

    You - more than most - should bear that in mind yourself.

  • Jaxon Pizzini
    • How Do You Download?
  • Keith R
    Top Commenter
    How Do You Download?

    By clicking "Download", usually.

    Could you be a bit more specific about your problem?


  • Jaxon Pizzini

    i can not find and link or button to download.

  • Jack W

    Hi Jaxon Pizzini - you can download Capture One from here:

    But you will need to log-in first.


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