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23 pdf manual



  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Alan Rew,

    I mostly agree with you but would caution that the concept of a manual for a Camera is really rather different to that of a Manual for Software in the modern era.

    A camera is, generally, released as a fully developed product at best, in my personal experience, will rarely see more than some documented firmware updates which usually offer little or no change to the facilities the camera offers and the way it works. At least in so far as the Manual would become entirely out of date.

    This is not the case with "modern" software development where, as in the case of C1 for example, significant functional improvements, notable operational changes, and completely new functionality may be introduced during the (short) life of a specific version. 

    There is a risk that the PDF manual becomes obsolete within weeks - possibly days in some cases for some features - of release. 


    In such a development model it could be argued that "freezing" a manual/User Guide by providing a document tied to a specific point in time of the product's development may, just possibly, be disadvantageous to both the user (who might be confused) and the vendor (who might be accused of pushing old and misleading documentation).

    I think back to the days when I wrote user guides for new software products and, later, training guides while working with dedicated Technical Authors as products matured. This included moving to PDF versions with full searchability. 

    I am entirely convinced that the hundreds of customer implementation managers and trainers, let alone the end users, almost never read the documentation. Maybe 2 or 3 in the entire years of my involvement.

    We probably have 2 or 3 comments from the customer implementation team documentation quality checking staff in all of that time.

    Considering that, in the early days, multi-page guides were printed and folders of the documentation were produced and shipped around the world to clients  - never to have the folders opened - you might understand that my support for the concept of searchable support databases in real-time is quite strong.


    However, it is important that there are people managing such document stores in an attempt to ensure that they work as efficiently and effectively as possible for a mass of users, especially where many users may be expected to work with documentation that is written in a language that is not their first language.

    In the modern era, this might include having people monitor the results of web-driven language interpretation of the documentation as provided by the various language interpreting tools available on the internet.


    All of that is no small undertaking. Yet I suspect that the percentage of users using the guides is still very small. Presumably, C1 has the website usage analysis available to make a judgment call on functional information requests via web access through browsers or the "Help" links provided from within the products.

  • Linda

    I understand that maintaining a pdf version of the manual is an undertaking.  I would like one nonetheless, as I travel often and don't always have Internet access (like on a liveaboard dive boat for a week or 10 days at a time).  Also the pdf is much more easily searched.  The other post-processing software that I use, Luminar NEO, does provide a pdf manual, as well as the online.  Thanks for your consideration.


  • OddS.

    > Linda: ...maintaining a pdf version of the manual is an undertaking

    Not if they maintain one source and use software to output for web, pdf or any of the e-book formats. From the same source, that is. The concept of one source for multiple output formats is very(!) well known and widely used, and it is generally regarded to be good practice.

  • Mike


    and what about pdf? It's still not available and I would also be pleased with getting one for C1 23...

  • Douglas Lucock

    I raised one particular advantage of having a PDF User Guide a few months ago in the "Improve Capture One" forum related to having a "point in time" PDF guide that matches your particular perpetual license version of C1.

    Didn't seem to get any bites though.



  • Sunny Chan

    I have just upgraded to Capture One Pro and expected I can download a PDF of the manual so I can always refer to even after 3-4 years. This is very important for customers who do not plan to upgrade their hardware and software for years to come.
    PDF please!!!

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    I highly recommend Nils Wille Chistoffersen's excellent book "Photographer’s Guide to Capture One". No better documentation.

  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    Sunny Chan you can use a tool like WinHTTrack to download the manual as HTML, if you want a copy matching your current permanent license.

  • Geert Taelman

    Did somebody already try this WinHTTrack? I cannot work with that tool. Too technical....



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