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How do I view clients comments in C1?



  • Official comment
    Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 
    Comments will be directly available in the desktop and mobile apps in the next releases (16.3 for desktop and 2.2 for mobile).

    The 30 day limit will stay for now but we are looking into potential solutions.

  • Jack W

    They only show in Capture One Live. So you'll have to be viewing the Live session in a web browser or on a separate device in order to see the comments. I'll forward this on to our PM team as I think it is valuable input - hope that's ok!

  • Hans Gerlach

    Seems to be very strange - isn't that what live is about - seeing what your client thinks, rates and comments in the original Session???


  • Jack W

    I agree that would be helpful. But for the time being, you'll have to view comments in the Live session.

    I've forwarded your comments on as a feature request to our Product Management team.

  • sahil rattanaphas

    Hey Jack, 
    Has there been any update on this issue? 
    It's inconvenient to be going back and forth, especially when there are some shoots we do with thousands of images. 


  • Jack W

    sahil rattanaphas It's not an issue as such, it's how it's designed to work. I can't comment on when we'll add more functionality, as I do not have that information available. I have forwarded your comments on as a feature request and I won't be able to provide updates on if/when this makes it into the roadmap.

  • Benjamin Hayon

    any update on being able to see comments on sessions? also what would happen once the session expires? do the comments get lost? 

  • Geoff Lacy

    Live view for one month. August is hell in france. Everybody goes on vacation for one month. I go on vacation 2 weeks. Then the makeup artist 2 weeks. The posted comments at the last minute and went to Thailand…

    Now it’s September and everybody is asking about the comments on their photos, can I crop this a certain way etc. They submitted the comments at the end of one month. Well, they’re gone. No photos, no comments - If the comments are gone - no one has the confidence their color tags or star ratings were saved either…

    Live view sucks for August in france. 🇫🇷

  • Don

    Well… until a mod is in place, I simply do my job as best I can, capturing information and working for my clients as best I can.  A simple work-around until the update is in place.

  • Brian Carlson

    I'm up voting this feature!

  • FirstName LastName

    This would be a massive improvement. I’m working on big book projects and that kind of projects take at least 6 months. I restart the online collection after a month. Ratings are all preserved. Comments however … sumply cant use the functionality

  • Peter Uhlemann

    To be useful, client comments need to be synched back into the C1 session or catalog, same as rating and color. This is a MUST feature for me. It is not only inconvenient for me that I need to work in 2 interfaces to see comments. The fact, that the comments are LOST when the Live session terminates after 1 month, is a showstopper for me.

  • Ard Jongsma

    Why is this talked about as an upgrade when it is a design flaw?

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Feature request or design flaw .. no matter what you call it .. it should be added.


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