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Importing metadata from NEF files



  • RC Photo

    What are your settings in Capture One concerning Metadata Synchronisation?

  • OddS.

    > harold davies:  Can his descriptions be imported?

    It depends.

    Capture One looks for metadata in two places, inside the imagefile.NEF file and inside the accompanying sidecar file imagefile.xml in the same directory as the .NEF.

    NX Studio does not produce that kind of sidecar file. If you put metadata inside the .NEF, it generally works. I use Photo Mechanic to do that. For better or for worse, PM has a wider metata universe than Capture One. A metadata field that is perfectly ok with respect to PM and metadata standards, may not show up un Capture One at all. So, it depends...

    I believe NX Studio can embed metadata in .NEF. Try Edit  Options... Save and look for Save adjustments to the original image file or similar.



  • harold davies

    I apologize for the delay in replying to your suggestions. I have tried both comments from Ralf and OddS with no data showing up in CAP1. I again tried deleting the CAP1 catalog and re-importing it. The data in NX Studio is under the XMP/IPTC tab under the subheading Description and in the Description box.


    Thank you for the ideas and consideration,




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