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Nikon z9 raw files not able to adjust



  • Frank Mantek

    This is working fine for me on several machines, as well for my wife on several machines. So it's not a generic issue. File a support ticket, would be my recommendation.


  • Troy House


     thanks for the reply. His to be a weird permissions issue as I have three different cameras that shoot raw and the same with all of them(z9, z7 and Fuji GFX100s) I also have installed on three machines and same on all three machines.

    I did a support ticket immediately and in a week have 1 reply. So slow. She said to check permissions. I did immediately then nothing

  • Frank Mantek

    Let's try to debug this together :). 

    Can you, inside of CaptureOne, rename one of those files? If you can, you have no access/permission issue. 

    Can you apply a style to the image?

    What do you mean with "I can label them"?

    Can you attach a screenshot of the "greyed out" area?




  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    I seem to recall another post of two about this issue (after an OS update) in the past week or two. THe solution, as I recall, was something to do with permissions. (I'm not a Mac user so it was not something I read in detail.)

    The search feature should allow you to find the posts that relate to the problem which may be the same as your problem..


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