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  • FirstName LastName

    As much as I hate Adobe for going to a 100% subscription based purchase plan, I am starting to think I might have to go that route as well in the future, if CaptureOne doesn't fix this upgrade Price gouging soon.

  • Rodney Sr.

    Adobe is still the king of the hill overall. However, Capture One has the better import engine, which is still the same in both Capture One 23 and V.22. The Capture One engine in V.22 will have value for the foreseeable future when you want the penultimate import engine and support all the mainstream pro cameras of today when perfect quality is a must as part workflow. Capture One is more accessible for most people to learn. Most clients cannot see the last 15 percent of what goes into making an excellent edit. Capture One's shortfall is its apparent lack of focus and expertise in AI. Adobe has been implementing AI for years, as have Topaz and others. No one company has all the tools, but if I had to depend on only one image editing program, it would be Adobe Photoshop which I was using before Adobe bought it from Knoll in the mid-1990s. I think Capture One has hurt its franchise with its Black Friday upgrade market strategy, which will probably hurt its future development expenditures and product quality. Why? Potentially reduced cash flow in an inflationary environment. I hope not, but if this were one of my companies, the upgrade issue would have been addressed and resolved yesterday. I would not have sold V.23 for less than the pre-release price because I immensely cherish the value of not alienating existing customers and profitability. 


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