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Files wont move from C1 23 to Photoshop 2023 Again!-FYI



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  • Jon Glaser

    its not general knowledge to me....I am not a programmer! I dont know the first thing about writing code or re- configuring a program..Above my pay grade.

    It might not be a C1 problem, but actually it is.

  • Barry Seah

    IT WORKS FINALLY! Thank you! Have been bordering me for months, and I have been opening each image one at a time due to this problem. I guess if got any update in Adobe or Capture One, I will do this step again for my Windows Platform.

  • Jon Glaser

    I think this is a CO issue. I didnt have this problem with version 17, 18,19,20, or 21.  Sure blame it Adobe or windows. Someone explain to me how something that wasnt a problem for 5 years, is a problem now and its not due to CO.

    LR had llots of issues in the first 6 years or so...Remember when an Update cause LR5 to work slow? Remember when they updated but dumbed down the software for newbie photographers?

    The list goes on and on. Thats why I switched and CO worked beautifully. Now since they added a buttload of features(which I love) it forces me to reevaluated the software..

  • Jon Glaser

    Hi SFA,

    I meant versions of CO that came out in 2017, 2018,2019, 2020, or version 2021.

    I am just a photographer that expects my software to work without requiring me to do any footwork or fixing issues between it running properly. I never had to in those previous years.

    I was not referring to the plugin folder either. This has to do with the software not doing what it is supposed to do once i click on a tab. nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully it wont happen again..HOPEFULLY

  • Kent Burkhardsmeier

    Thank you Jon!
    I concur with you!

    I am happy that you took the time to share what needed to be done to resolve this problem. Since it is a "known and common" issue, it would be nice if it was easier to find the solution.

    Have a great day and thanks for documenting this fix.

  • Shaddybekon

    I don't understand the part of  "CLICK ON AN IMAGE WHERE ALL FILES ARE LOCATED" 

    can you guys help me out because i'm facing this problem right now too.


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