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C1 took huge size on iPad storage and cannot be remove



  • FirstName LastName

    Same here on ipad pro m1. No fix or support since launch from C1 team.

    What a joke.

  • nigel turley

    Same for me. I had to wipe and restore the iPad to regain the space. I feel the the iPad version is still a work in progress with too many missing features that were initially promised during the beta testing and at the launch. I gave Capture One a chance to improve the app but I feel that they're losing interest as they probably aren't getting the sales they need to keep up the development - it only has an average of 2 stars on the app store so I don't think I'm alone in feeling underwhelmed. The only thing they seem to be concentrating on is tethering and I'm not at all interested in that. I've now cancelled my subscription and am unlikely to ever renew it. 

  • FirstName LastName

    It has been updated in iOS 16.3.1

    keep you iPad connected to power and on in iPad Storage and you will see it updating


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