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Capture One Pro 23 Intermittently Crashes



  • Andreas from Austria

    Hi Gregory!

    Reasently I changed my Notebook (old: Thinkpad P53 i9 32 GB RAM NVIDIA Quadro 4000 fast SSD, new: DELL Precision 7670 i9 64 GB RAM NVIDIA A4500) and changed to CO 23 too. Same problems as you: 3 intermittently crashes. Second problem: CO is extremly slow - to slow to work. To change a syle takes 3 to 4 seconds. My picture files are stored on a NAS (1000 Mbit/s  LAN connection) and the CO-catalog is stored on an internal very fast SSD. So HW can´t be the problem. I´ll try an cpmpletely new installation of CO. 


  • Eran Hammer

    Same problems here. The app crashed twice yesterday and it is too slow to use. Every style change takes 10-15 seconds on a new Surface Studio 2 Plus using a SSD for storage.


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