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Where are we currently with Calibrate Colorchecker?



  • Colin Campbell

    I struggled with this too. If you follow the link below you can see that this guy uses the Linear Response curve after loading his newly generated profile. I would have to say that the result he gets on applying his profile looks a lot more saturated than the result I get. My monitor has been calibrated but it is a Samsung LU27R55 which is much lower end than his. If I go to adjustments and set the contrast to about 15 then the image of the colorchecker on my monitor looks pretty close to the actual colorchecker on my desk.

    calibrite colorchecker passport photo 2 and capture one

    I hope this helps.

  • Dave Hutchinson

    I’ve got much better results now by setting all sliders back to zero before doing the tif export, as well as using the Linear Response curve once the profile has been applied


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