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Possibility of later synchronizing the session live with the catalogue



  • John Friend
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    As best I know, Capture One supports one of the other, catalog or session.  You can't synchronize them such that you can use both and have changes from one show up in the other.  You can import a session into a catalog and then use only the catalog from then on.

    And, you could probably recreate a session from a catalog by exporting a bunch of EIP files and then putting those in a session.  But, the two are not synchronized in any way.

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    Choosing 'New Catalog' in the file menu of Capture One Pro 7 will open this dialogue: Here, you can choose a name for the Catalog and where it should be stored. By default, it is placed in the 'Pictures' folder on a Mac and in the 'My Pictures' folder on a PC, but you can specify any location.

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