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Fuji XT5 HIF Format



  • Martin Tolley

    According to the userguide at only .RAF files are currently supported for XT5

  • Stackin

    I have an X-H2 and was using HIF files until I recently purchased Capture One. It appears that Capture One only supports 8 bit HIF files and those created on the Fuji X-H2 / X-T5 are 10 bit files. 

    I'm a little disappointed that Capture One does not fully support this standard as the Fuji files have better colour depth and are half the size of similar JPG files. 



  • Vincent Klein

    Is there any update on the situation?

    I am on Capture one 23 and the latest version of OSX.


    KR Vincent



  • Randy Kirk

    Same question here -- it's disappointing C1 still can't import Fuji HIF files.


  • Chris Barker

    I remain disappointed that I cannot use HEIF from my X-T5.

  • Paul Pound

    I have the same problem on windows 11.  I can view the .hif files from my xt5 in windows photo viewer but I can't import them into capture one pro 23.

  • Corbett Hix

    I agree with the above. This is really disappointing for professional software. In addition to the reasons above, HIF will likely replace JPG as a standard. Let us know WHEN 10Bit will be available, no more silence!

  • Brendan

    Same issue! I was wanting to switch from Photo Mechanic + to C1, but lose all compatibility with the HIF files in my catalog. Would be great if C1 could catch up with the other main players in this area.

  • Den Denyer

    Just crashed into this, thought my files were corrupt!
    Z8 .HIF extension, don't appear in C1 at all. Had to resort to Lightroom  for this one :/

  • Denis V

    It's been more than a year since xh2/xt5 release when I bought the licence... only to get disappointed. Probably should have stayed an adobe customer and use Lightroom until c1 is feature complete.


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